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This is the policy on crossposting.


Basis: Crossposting infringes on the internal controls of other moderated newsgroups and solicits non-tax related comments from readers of non-tax related newsgroups.

General Rule: Submissions to misc.taxes.moderated will not knowingly be posted to other newsgroups.

Action: Almost all submissions to misc.taxes.moderated are processed through offline software I personally wrote. That software deliberately ignores the newsgroup header in the submission and creates a newsgroup header of "misc.taxes.moderated" in the outgoing post. At that point it will be reviewed for posting.

Exception: By agreement, the Moderator of is allowed to crosspost submissions he/she deems appropriate to be crossposted. Submissions received at misc.taxes.moderated that are crossposted to will be forwarded to the Moderator of And the decisions of that Moderator will NOT under any circumstances be reviewed by the Moderator of misc.taxes.moderated .

Comment: This policy affects very few posters to misc.taxes.moderated. It mainly affects original submissions from infrequent posters. Of course, it does affect racists, sexists, homophobics, porn peddlers, tax protestors, and other social garbage, but then they just get deleted from my mailbox anyway.

Dick -- Richard D. Adams, CPA, CISA, CDP Moderator: misc.taxes.moderated

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