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Misc.taxes.moderated is for the discussion of taxes, including, but not limited to, proposed and existing tax laws, regulations and procedures, among professional tax practitioners and other interested persons, and for answering queries concerning taxes.

This newsgroup is intended to provide a home for well-tempered discussions, including, but not limited to, the following subjects:

1. Current developments in tax law including but not limited to, court decisions, legislative enactments, and executive actions with tax implications, and proposed laws and actions.

2. The content and effects of existing tax laws, and rulings of courts at all levels.

3. Professional ethics and professional discipline of tax professionals.

4. Problems encountered by tax practitioners that may be of interest to the tax community.

5. First-person anecdotes and commentary by non-practitioners concerning encounters they have had with tax practitioners, the IRS, the courts or other entities which administer taxes.

6. Queries (including those from non-practitioners) concerning the content of the tax law, and replies to those posts, so long as the context of the exchange makes it clear that **specific legal tax advice is not being provided**. Responses will be posted in the newsgroup and not sent by E-mail, so that the response can benefit from peer review by others in the group.

7. Tax humor (There is such a thing).

The ordering above is for convenience only and does not reflect a preference ordering among the various topics.

The role of the Moderator =========================

8. Although no legal relationships are created by this document, the moderator is expected to act as if she or he were in a fiduciary relationship with persons reading and posting.

9. The moderator will not permit posts offering tax advice for remuneration. This rule is not intended to prevent individuals from publicizing the existence of non-profit organizations which provide tax counseling and tax representation.

10. The moderator will use his or her discretion to decide when discussions drift too far from 'tax' content, and will close threads accordingly. The moderator will request voluntary compliance before taking such actions and will post a notice notifying the group of any such actions

11. The moderator is encouraged to return posts to senders, perhaps with a suggestion of a more appropriate newsgroup, if the posts are those that he or she believes more properly belong in another newsgroup.

12. The moderator will not allow posts that deal with general questions of social policy unless they make specific reference to existing or proposed tax legislation.

13. The moderator will have discretion to reject posts containing assertions about the current state of tax law which he or she believes are plainly inaccurate. Any failure of the moderator to exercise this discretion does not signify the moderator's agreement with or approval of the post.

14. The moderator will have discretion to reject posts which are unduly repetitive and/or contain personal attacks on previous postors. Any failure of the moderator to exercise this discretion does not signify the moderator's agreement with or approval of the post.

15. A committee of tax professionals will be established by the moderator to act as an appeal comittee to consider any appeals to the moderator's rulings. Appeals should be directed to the moderator who will pass them on to the reviewing committee.

Moderator Selection and Replacement ===================================

16. A moderator serves until she or he resigns. A moderator may resign at any time. The moderator is requested to give the group adequate notice in order to ensure an orderly transition.

17. The moderator may designate a substitute moderator to serve for periods of not more than four consecutive weeks or more than two months per calendar year.

18. A sole moderator may appoint one or more co-moderators. Moderators may share their duties in any manner mutually acceptable. In the event that the group has multiple moderators, all references to a sole moderator in the above paragraphs shall apply to all of the the moderators, collectively, if the context permits.

19. A resigning moderator, whether or not she/he is a sole moderator, selects his/her successor. Moderators are requested to consider the opinions of readers of the group when choosing their successors. A resigning co-moderator may, with the unanimous consent of the other moderators, choose not to appoint a successor.

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